Midlothian – Tarrington

 Every women deserves A Room of Her Own!

-Tracy d.


the Story….

TDI delivered “BIG” for a client who wanted a space that was all hers.  The vision for this “She Sanctuary” was to create a retreat that was cozy, comfortable and unique.  We selected reclaimed barn flooring that distracted from the “modular” feel of this four seasons space.  Marrying vintage pieces with new found objects , comfortable upholstery,  bold colors, statement art and the perfect layout for this 12 x 24 sunroom created the ultimate escape for this client to retreat to!

Renovation - Midlothian VA - Tarrington
Professional Designer

Richmond – Richmond Symphony 2018 Designer House

"A home should be three things; well curated, livable & timeless" 

– Tracy d.


the Story…

A collaboration between two designers. A mix of metals, materials and moodiness!  The forgotten room, the Living room.  We’re bringing it back!  Release, Relax and Relate with family and friends over a chill glass of …fill in the blank. Curated to enliven your design sense , luxurious fabrics, gold and silver sharing the spot light, the soft curves of the upholstery, and global textiles in concert with Modern sensibilities invite you in!

Manakin-Sabot - Kinloch

 “If there’s a queen who lives under the sea – this is her room” 

– Rebecca C. 


the Story….

“A new construction home in Manakin-Sabot. We brought some of our old furnishings, purchased some lovely new pieces, painted interior, did hard window treatments where we absolutely needed them. And NOW, I'm stuck in several rooms. Specifically, I have a clean slate in one guest room, just a bed and dresser (daughter moved out); I want to make it gorgeous.   I enjoyed reading reviews about you and you seem like the kind of person I'd enjoy working with. I love clean and simple with unexpected pieces. I know what I like when I see it, definitely know what I don't like, but I get stuck working by myself.”

New Construction
Home Decor

Manakin Sabot – Running Cedar

“Goodbye suburban life, give me that country side”

– Green Acres

the Story…

A chance meeting at the tile store, an exchange of contact information and a few days later I was working with Martin and Kathy to build their dream home.  The vision was to blend an old world style with an updated traditional style.  I was tasked to design a home that welcomed you from the outside in.  



Midlothian - River City Custom Homes 

 “I love a blank canvas and making blue prints come to life” 

– Tracy d.

the Story….

Two “newbie” builders participating in their first Homearama.  Extra pressure since one of the partners was also the developer of the community.  A cold call, a meeting, a proposal and acceptance and I was selected to make the blue prints come to life.  The goal, design a home that was fresh, inviting and maximized every inch of square footage.  Did the team succeed?  The house along with 90% of the contents was sold “before” the Homearama opened to the public.




Surry - James River

“Don’t go it alone when building a custom home”
- Tracy d.

the Story…..

Hello, Ms. deShazo.  I met you during a Homearama where we chatted about the home we were in that you had done the interior design.  It was lovely and you were amazing and friendly!  You gave me a card and I tucked it away. 

I am building a new home in Surry County, Va.  !  Hopefully, this new home will be our last and I would like it to be “put together”.  I am also a little freaked out over all the decisions, big and small, that I have to make in building a house.  I love my builder and he is trying to steer me in directions but I am afraid I will end up with a house that looks piecemeal.  I’m sure you have heard all this before…


Midlothian - Tarrington

“Abracadabra , welcome home…. “
- Tracy d.

the Story….

“I hope you’re well.  I was hoping that you could work your magic.  I need your wisdom to get the house looking like a home.”


Room balance
Clean design

Richmond - Richmond Symphony 2008 Designer House 

 “Timeless style that tells a story”

– Tracy d.

the Story...

The good news is you got a room in the Design house; the bad news is it’s not one of the ones you pitched.  Ahh, such is life, just go with it.  “A Room of her Own.”   Custom furniture, original art, window treatments with dress maker details…10 years later it’s still one of my favorite rooms.