"You appreciate quality design and are willing to invest in it."

"You shun the ordinary and crave all things beautiful and unique."

"You value an organic process over one that is contrived."

Accolades...what they say

Tracy was wonderful to work with! She worked hand in hand with my partner and I on our award winning 2015 Richmond Homearama show home. She was with us every step of the way. From day 1, her vision meshed perfectly with ours. As this was our first furnished show home, we had no idea what to expect, but Tracy made it very easy on us! She was courteous and respectful of our process and time. We have already been discussing our next project with her, and cannot imagine working with anyone else. If you want someone who puts their heart and soul into a project and whose only goal is to provide a top notch product, I recommend Tracy whole-heartedly!

Tracy has been a pleasure to work with from the first day that we met. Even when faced with an extremely tight deadline, Tracy was able to create a product that blew us away. We can not put enough emphasis on her ability to create a "story" for a home that is simple and comforting, yet still manages to break the mold. She has been, and will continue to be an extremely valuable asset to our team.

Tracy distinguishes herself not only by her mastery of design concepts and a real flair for her art, but by the very rare quality of understanding how to manage clients through the entire process. We love the results she delivered across all aspects of out new home.

My husband and I were in the process of building a home that combined old world with more traditional styling. Early on, we decided we needed help making sure it all blended and transitioned smoothly from one part of the house to the next. My husband met Tracy at a tile store- she was shopping with a builder she was working for at the time. After striking up a conversation, my husband got her card and within a few days, we had hired her to help with textures, color, lighting, and overall flow of the interior and exterior of the house. The house is not done yet but everyone who sees it is amazed by its uniqueness and subtle elegance. It is not your typical home and we owe a lot of that to Tracy. Tracy has a natural eye for color and texture and can see in her head what I can only see once a project is finished. I honestly don't know what we would have done without her on this project! She is dedicated, hard- working, extremely creative, very personable and easy to work with. She is not afraid of giving her opinion and it's ok to say "no" to her as well. Probably the only negative is that I loved so many of her ideas but just could not afford to implement all of them. Once the project is finished, I would be happy to update this review and provide pictures as that is the only way one will truly be able to appreciate the amazing talent of this exceptional designer!

Tracy Deshazo Interiors helped me with my dream home. Building a new house, I was overwhelmed by all the decisions that had to be made. Tracy was a pleasure to work with; patient, exuberant, professional. She knew when lead and when to give in! She came with me to pick out tile and countertops, helped tremendously with my cabinet maker in design choices and color, made unique suggestions for some light fixtures, and assisted with a color palette that fits us perfectly. I would highly recommend Tracy and her services.

When my husband and I moved into our new home, we were disappointed. Our furniture didn’t fit; dimensions were smaller than we'd imagined. To bring color, warmth, and style to this space, we realized we needed professional guidance. We found Tracy on Houzz. She began with a conversation; she said things like “talk to me about how you’ll use this room.” She listened. Tracy works best with people who want to work with her, who want to a design professional to guide them in the exciting but challenging process of designing a home. We especially appreciated her ability to grasp what we wanted in our home; it was hard for us to articulate what that was. She drew it out of us, giving us samples and choices we could never have imagined. She’s a true professional, with a standard of excellence in design, selection, delivery, and client interactions. Her taste is exquisite. She suggested options, not cheap, but certainly within our price range. Given that it’s our retirement home, we wanted such options! I love our house, every detail. Among favorites are the gold-sparkling chandelier that looks a bit Thai. I can sit under it for hours. Tracy finds such gems. Other favorites are the stone-walled fireplace that everyone notices walking in, and the guest bedroom's accent wall that shifts its tone depending on the light. Mostly, I love the way the house feels – like us, but we couldn’t see it what that was. I love Tracy too. She is a great person.

Tracy de Shazo is a dream designer. We needed help in refining a few rooms in our new home -- that was 18 months ago. We were thrilled with her work on those few rooms and now happily have her "refinements" throughout our home. Her work is exquisite, and her "eye" for color and proportion are second to none.


Tracy is not a formula, cookie-cutter designer. She knows what is beautiful and she creates spaces that are special, comfortable, and livable. She intuitively understands balance and somehow can create spaces in her mind's eye. She loves unexpected pieces that take your breath away. The end result, your room or rooms or entire home, will truly be yours (not hers), but a result you could never have accomplished on your own.


Tracy enjoys the collaborative process with her clients. She is not a "top down" designer, but one who listens carefully to her clients and then brings her expertise to your dream. Still, she will not let you make awful design mistakes and will tell you (nicely and with good humor) when one of your bone-headed ideas would be a disaster. That is, you can trust her and her design sense.


Tracy will also patiently nudge you out of your comfort zone, when needed; you may not be ready to be nudged, which she understands and respects; eventually, you will probably come around and be glad you did!

Tracy loves the process of finding just the right piece and will take her time in the search, rather than settle. I enjoyed engaging in this part of the process and never felt rushed.

Tracy will say "don't worry, the right piece (or fabric, or wallpaper) will come to us." And it always did. So, each room in our home "evolved" over time, where one set of choices led to the next set of choices. 


Tracy is honest to a fault. Trustworthiness is in her DNA and she cannot be otherwise. So, in the event that a particular selection simply does not work, she's the first to say so. There's no awkward period where you, the client, are afraid to mention that the chosen lamp is too tall for the space. She says it before you do and whisks it away with no cost to you. Not to worry, though, this kind "glitch" is the rarest exception and 99% of her choices are spot on, gasp-worthy perfect.


 Tracy is quality-oriented. She loves and respects good materials that will last and you should too! She is creating investments for your home. So, the money you spend with Tracy will be worth every penny. 


Tracy's "people" are all top-notch, without exception. She has curated the best of the best upholsterers, window-treatment fabricators, installers, painters, and wallpaper hangers in Central Virginia. And these wonderful people stand by their work to a fault. For example, when a drapery panel in our home was 1/2 inch "off" when installed, the fabricator drove to our home to pick up the panel, took it back to her studio, fixed it, and brought it back to our home within 4 hours. Above and beyond!

Finally, Tracy is a down-to-earth, genuine person. There is not a whiff of pretention or snobbishness. She is not above hauling boxes, lugging rugs, getting up on ladders to try wallpaper samples on a ceiling, steaming a new duvet herself. You get the picture! She has a marvelous sense of humor, which lubricates the good work she will do with you. In the process, Tracy has become a dear friend. Our work is winding down now, only because we have run out of rooms to decorate. This is a sad thought, since it means we won't see her as often. Unless......oh, just one more thing!:)


I decorated 2 rooms downstairs along with some end tables in a 3rd room, and I absolutely love the result! All the items were high quality and worked perfectly to accomplish what I had envisioned for the space! Tracy listened to my ideas about what I wanted. She asked questions about what I liked so she could know me and my tastes better. She pushed me outside my comfort zone, and I ended up with a couple items I never imagined but I wouldn't want to live without! She was also willing to compromise when I didn't love something or the price was too high. She was very easy to work with and very responsive! I love coming home to my house and guests are always complimenting me on it. I would recommend working with Tracy for anyone wanting to transform their home or just redo a room. You will love the result!

Tracy helped bring life to my family room. The room itself featured a stone fireplace and although breathtaking the room itself was in desperate need of personality. I was planning a big holiday party and the family room was to be the center of attention. Tracy had to start from scratch with recommendations regarding painting, furniture that would compliment the fireplace and our family heirloom (not so much, but really comfy) green, cushiony sofa and a room-sized rug. She found a magnificent limited edition artwork that was just the right size to compliment the stone fireplace. She searched tirelessly for the perfect chairs, pillows and a center table--equally impressive as the fireplace and the artwork. She had this amazing knack of finding pieces that complimented what little furniture and accessories that we had. In addition to breathing life into my family room, she also recommended painting our upstairs and butler pantry--and coordinated some of the most beautiful holiday decorations that we've ever had. Our stairwell was adorned with greenery and light--which could be reused in future years.

I have worked with Tracy since 2007 when I moved into a new house and utilized her expertise in choosing paint colors (every room had to be painted!), window coverings, fabric choices and furniture purchases. Tracy is always able to translate my style into elevated design choices while also keeping my budget in mind. Tracy was instrumental in helping us choose our exterior house paint color as well which was a HUGE decision! We were thrilled with how it turned out and would have definitely made a less desirable choice without her assistance. Her design choices are timeless - fast forward almost 10 years and I am STILL using the same same window treatments and furniture in a new house. Recently Tracy helped update our first floor powder room with an amazing wall paper that completely elevates what could have been safe to something that is exciting, current and fun without being trendy. Her ability to "see" what is possible in a space is amazing and then to translate it into a design that is perfectly suited to my style is a gift!

Tracy is wonderful to work with. She is very responsive, creative, patient, and confident; and has great judgment when it comes to fabrics, textures, and patterns. She has worked with me on two homes and because of her ability to select timeless fabrics; I was able to re-purpose window treatments and upholstery from my old home to my new one. She recently helped me purchase a sofa, pillows, and beautiful accent pieces. I trust Tracy’s opinion and the results of her work have elicited many positive comments from visitors to my home.

So, I'm one of those people who can look at a room and know that I like it, but have no idea how to put together all of the components to create a design that works well together. My shot at "eclectic" just means I have spend a lot of money to have a disheveled look to my living space.


I have come to realize that this is in fact a gift, and I don't have it. But, I do have the resources to hire a professional, and am at the point in my life where I want to be surrounded by things that please me in everyday life.


That's where Tracy deShazo comes in. She helped my identify what my style preferences were and was very patient with going through pages of online resources to make sure she understood what appealed to me and what did not. She had a difficult job because I have always preferred a transitional style, but wanted to break out of that mold for my new home. She guided me to inch out of my comfort zone, and the result is the sleek, modern, yet warm look I was hoping to achieve.


Then, we worked. I had a very specific budget for the project and she came in at budget. There were some pieces she convinced me to buy that were more expensive than I would like, but she found other items that were discounted and made up for the cost. She helped me furnish 4 rooms - a bedroom, office, living room and dining room. I found her knowledge of space planning, where to shop for which items and how to make it all work together really valuable and time-saving. I also liked how she incorporated existing pieces that I was attached to into the design. She has a very hands on approach and even helped me take measurements and hang artwork.


There are a few things in life that I've learned it's just better to hire the professional and get it done right the first time. Interior design in one of them.

Tracy was an absolute pleasure to work with! My house is a brick cape cod and the the brick color was tricky to find complimentary colors for shutters and front door. Tracy provided me with several color options that were all lovely. I have had two people stop by my house and say how wonderful my new paint colors look! Her suggested team of painters were very professional and were a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Tracy's services to anyone!!

Tracy deShazo's talent and eye for design is spot on. She has the ability to listen to the client and transform their needs, ideas and dreams into design reality. Tracy approaches each project with a wonderful attitude, works very well with her clients and always meets her deadlines. She's extremely creative and produces timeless and effortless design.

I adore Tracy. She's one talented designer, but greater than her gift of creativity is her zest for life. I have absolutely loved traveling to market and collaborating with you. I look forward to many years alongside you.